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23rd September 2020

Coaching Motivation To Make You Stronger

In a few  months, we have all learned we are all united. The world got smaller and our families got closer. The “little things” got a little more important and we all have a big job ahead of us. I know you are constantly reminded of the challenge ahead and cannot forget the reason why… Read more »

How A Coach Should “Lean In”

I hope this finds you and your family safe and well.  I know this is an incredibly challenging time. I also know the information contained in my past emails to you has hopefully prepared you with a little extra of the mental fortitude you will need right now. I also apologize for not blogging for the last few… Read more »

10th March 2020

Should A Coach Ever Say This?

Have you heard the news?  My new book Coach to Coach officially released yesterday! As you can probably imagine, just like having a new child, I have been dreaming of where this book will go and the people the book will someday meet.  As a result of my new “offspring,” I have also been talking… Read more »

3rd March 2020

5 Ways A Coach Can Get Rid Of Excuses

What has happened has finally become a dream come true. And the best dreams don’t come from your brain, they come from your heart. For the last few weeks, I have been sharing with you about my new book Coach to Coach.  Even though I was sharing the news, even I had not seen an… Read more »

25th February 2020

Are You Committing This Coaching Crime?

Rooney Rule: You are a product of your priorities.  And so are the products that you produce!   Now that my new book Coach to Coach is coming out in a few days, a lot of people are asking for my advice how they can take on a major project like writing a book.  When… Read more »

18th February 2020

A Coach’s Hidden Place To Create Your Best Work

Successful people find the best place to pay things forward while the unsuccessful wait aimlessly in hopes of a payback. If you haven’t figured it out from all my latest emails, I am obsessed with books.  Over the years, as my love for books grew, I didn’t just become interested in reading them, I became… Read more »

Martin Rooney

11th February 2020

5 Best Gifts A Coach Can Give

Now that you know I have a new book releasing in 3 weeks, you may wonder if it was “hard or painful” for me to write. If you can believe it, writing my new book Coach to Coach wasn’t painful; it was actually a pleasure. After all the writing I have done over the years,… Read more »

4th February 2020

The Most Important Decision You Will Make Today

There are people better, faster and more enthusiastic than you at things that either waste your time or you don’t like doing! After a couple decades of building businesses and coaching people, I have found that the toughest thing isn’t doing the hard work.  My biggest challenge was freeing up my time to do the… Read more »

27th January 2020

5 Steps For A Distraction “DETOX”

“Beware of distractions disguised as opportunities.” This past weekend, I traveled to San Francisco to present on the power of coaching.  In addition to the presenting, workouts and social media pics and videos, there was one thing you didn’t see: the 5,000 miles of flying.  Now that the new year has started, I looked back… Read more »

24th January 2020

3 Powerful Lessons You Can Learn From A Dog

There are some things you may know about me and some you don’t. I am sure you know I have a new book, Coach to Coach, that is about to hit shelves and stands in March. I am not sure if you know I am allergic to dogs. As you can imagine, growing up wasn’t… Read more »